Projects and Investments – Startup

I usually always keep parallel projects underway, to practice new ideas and technologies, and to improve my knowledge, expand my boundaries and invest in a solution that facilitates the daily lives of people.

My worry is keeping the constant creation of new ideas and use all knowledge I have and I do not have (learning) to be able to develop projects and solutions that can be applied even in the reduced mobility area and disabled people.

Current commercial projects Status Investment
Solution for real estate sector completed and available  -  unnamed
Solução para área logística baseada em Blockchain concluído e disponível

It registers in a complete way the deliveries of products in the logistics area, having a digital signature (in the device by the receiving customer), registering the position of the delivery via GPS in real time, offline operation when the signal is not available, barcode identification, consultation of invoice and the products contained in each, fully flexible to any ERP market. Consolidating deliveries made and even serving as a basis for payment of third parties and aggregates according to deliveries.

Equipment for events market completed and available
Mobility Solution Stack to realize It needs external investments because it also has a high cost due to does not exist national suppliers, only imported materials, estimated at $ 7,000.00 for development and prototyping, so that the final product has the cost of $ 3,000.00. But it is possible to accomplish today with current technology. Consists of creating cheaper electric wheelchairs, more efficient, more agile, beautiful and with a lower cost of repair (by being simpler) with a lower final cost, based on the current market are extremely abusive and unaffordable for most of the people who require this mean of locomotion. See a current comparison in the image below (02/16/2016):Capturar