Instafest Project

Project idealized and realized by me at all stages. After reading the story of a British photographer who created a similar machine using Arduino, I created this project to participate in events and facilitate the integration of party guests; since the main photographer is focused only on the owners of the party.

I started creating the functionality activation of the relays using LEDs, for integration with the camera in order to take a photo of yourself:

Then I had to gently disassemble a new Nikkon D3200 and solder on a flatcable contacts to the external relay from the Arduino could be used to change display view camera to an external monitor. Then the connection of relays with external power module camera (battery grip) so that the Arduino could focus and shoot the camera remotely.

Then I mounted the module for relay that controls the external LCD time display and count the photos.

The next step was making connections with external monitor and do some more usability testing and operation of the system in general.

Finally the finished product. The Instafest named, used to make (or participate) of events and animate the guests. (still a small bug in the LCD display of the numbers) But that has been fixed. ;-)

The finished product was used in some events, available in the timeline of the facebook page (links below). But was discontinued by the end of the business society.

IMG_0826-680x1024 (1)

Final product:
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