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Felipe Bevilacqua - 28 year old

Date of birth: 10/07/1987
City: Sao Paulo – SP – Brazil

PHP developer systems

I have 14 years in this area, knowledge and experience in C, PHP and JAVA. I have worked with SQL Server and MySQL databases. SCRUM method and JIRA system to order and control the tasks; versioning management SVN and GIT (with bitbucket too), many experiences in MAGENTO, WORDPRESS, JQuery, ZEND, CSS3, HTML5 and responsive design. Environments and servers with Apache, Ubuntu and NGINX. Application development in Objective C for Apple platform.

Bachelor of Information Systems
FIAP – Faculdade de Informática e Adm. Paulista: Education

Computer Technician
SENAC: Education

Computer maintenance - Computer City – 3 months – 2000 - Completed
English  - CCAA – São Paulo – SP – 4 years – 1998 to 2002 - Completed
English – Wisdom – São Paulo – SP – 1 year – 2003 – Completed
PHP with MySQL Essentials – Senac – 30 hours – 2005 – Completed
JavaCard – FIAP – 30 hours – 2006 – Completed
Ajax with PHP and JSP – FIAP – 16 hours – 2008 – Completed
Objective C / Development IOS – IMPACTA Technology – 200 hours – 2014 – Completed

Keep as a hobby the Arduino development platform (C). Developing personal projects for home automation and smart products to third parties. And Objective C development for IOS systems.

Professional Experience
Alphasoft Systems – 07/2015 – Current
• PHP Programmer Analyst / BI
development a platform based on the event driven programming with PHP / jQuery, for modeling and creation of data cubes analysis reports, containing sales information within Latin America.

Estadão – Newspapers Company – 10/2014 – 07/2015
(–from this line the content has been translated automatically, and not written by myself–)
• Programmer Analyst PHP
Creation of a centralized system of information entities called Taxonomy, for control, enrichment and provision of information for all production data channels as journalists, blogging, writing and internet portals. Controlled by Jira SCRUM and versioning of files via GIT and SVN, currently develop interfaces to web services, records and control IPTC codes. Developed in January 2015 a plugin for WordPress to consume the APIs and WebServices created, as well as validate and suggest tags for the blog text in WordPress. Right now I’m working on another project to establish a system called Polopoly, which is based on Java and Maven. Creating modules, customizing the product and integrating with other internal platforms, including Taxonomy which I created here.

CAMPANHA DIGITAL - 08/2014 – 10/2014
• Programmer Analyst PHP
Maintenance of websites and internal company systems, social application development for IOS mirror site and the creation of sites for political candidates:,,, Using PHP with MySQL and WordPress, as well as customization of modules, including some items as HTML5 audio in the background and integration plan with the Facebook API as pair creating Fanpages (iframes within Facebook for the site), integrating platforms officers with social media.

LEMA21 - 03/2014 – 07/2014
• Programmer Analyst Sr. PHP
Creation of new features and maintenance of the company, an e-commerce site based on Magento, developing solutions NGINX with MySQL servers. Change templates in MVC structure, creating new layouts and modules and integrated into the system reports.

THOMSON REUTERS - 04/2012 – 12/2013
• Sr. PHP Programmer Analyst and Programming Coordinator
After the acquisition of FISCO Soft by Thomson Reuters had key role in the migration and conversion of data from over 10 million records from the local database to the new world system.Actively participating in daily meetings and conferences between Spain, USA and Argentina (listening and answering questions in Spanish and English). Worked on implementation of SCRUM for work and organization of the new development team. All this in 10 months to complete a product of worldwide named Checkpoint (Brazil), which is already used by all the 100 largest companies in the USA. 85% of the information of this new system, were migrated from FISCO Soft under my coordination.

FISCO SOFT PUBLISHING LTD. - 03/2011 – 04/2012
• Sr. PHP Programmer Coordinator -06/2011 – 04/2012
Schedule and lead the team (6 developers with PHP) in the development of daily tasks, centralize and distribute the calls of the customers and control / document the hours spent with each project within the company by programmer.

• Sr. PHP Programmer – 03/2011 – 06/2011
Responsible for development and maintenance of websites in PHP company. Provide ongoing maintenance of the site and their products (,,,,, br,,,, among others).

CATHO ONLINE - 01/2010 – 01/2011
• Senior Programmer PHP Mysql
Responsible for developing new solutions and resolutions of technical problems throughout the site CareerBuilder and its internal systems. Among these, we highlight all the new development area subscribers and website Worked with SCRUM methodology and object orientation.

• Telecommunications Analyst
Management and maintenance of IPBX systems (Linux, asterisk); responsible for all the needs, requests and reports in the field of telecommunications (based on PHP and MySQL), backup routines, seeking and implementing new technologies, monitoring the data link and E1. Developing new solutions as well as integration with particular systems with front-end in PHP / MySQL.

• Analyst Developer PHP / JAVA
Updating and creating interface for Linux-based telephony system called Asterisk, enabling seamless integration and control of the system by users, as well as statistical and operational controls through functions and routines created via interface using PHP and Ajax. Creating an auto-dial system, monitoring and statistical extensions to a complete phone system reports.

PRIME SOLUTION - 04/2008 – 06/2008
• PHP Programmer Analyst
Responsible for all PHP development company; contributions in the development of 80% of the site: and by tweaking the company’s website.

• Java Programmer Analyst
Responsible for the analysis and development of a Java-based solution that integrates with Mainframe; which generated daily reports of all ATMs of the ABN (Real) to Brazil level. Task performed 1 hour before all performed by a sector of 10 people per day.

• Delphi Programmer Analyst / PHP
Responsible for 50% of creating a whole ERP system for logistics management and a module, this same system in PHP that allows customers of these companies consult stock and deliveries in real time via internet. I was also responsible for all financial control of the company, as well as contact with clients and customers in system deployments.

• Web Designer
Initiated the development of the Secretariat sites, earning that year a contest to design the best government websites; I was responsible for 100% of website development and after this experience, I dedicated myself to experience in support of the Secretariat. Being responsible for the technical and called attention to employees.